Kodi Mae

kodi_leftKodi Mae is the matriarch of our kennel. She was the culminationkodi_angled of years of searching for the right dog. As she matured we knew that we had a solid starting point with which to work with. She is a very proportionate, solid dog that fits well within breed standards on all accounts. Where she shines is with her temperament. Bold, fearless, intelligent and trainable are all words that describe her well. Kodi has proven to be a wonderful mother to both of her litters, 11 and 10. Not only has she proven that she can produce some wonderful family pets, she has also produced dogs that have fared well in the conformation ring. Kodi crossed over the rainbow bridge in February 2016 at almost 12 years of age. Kodi will be missed, but she has left her legacy for us to see in generations to come.