Ursa MaeWelcome to Stonehill Bullmastiffs

We are breeders that focus on the maintenance of sound temperament, staying true to type and movement following CKC standards, and placing dogs in settings and situations that are beneficial to all involved, the owner, ourselves, and especially the dog. All of our dogs are bred and kept in a house environment in an attempt to maximize their comfort with the house setting as well as interaction with other dogs and humans.

We are located in LaSalle, Ontario, right on the Michigan border. This location provides us great access to all of Ontario and to the US. We have and will continue to pursue lines from both areas as we strive to improve our kennel’s pedigree.

We have lofty goals for our dogs as beloved family members and competitors in the conformation and obedience rings. We have had success in the conformation ring while showing in Canada and the United States at CKC and AKC shows. Through selective breeding, we hope to continue producing well-tempered, healthy, true to type dogs that can both have success in the conformation ring and most of all, be wonderful pets.