AKC/CKC Ch. Stonehill’s One and Only with…..

We are happy to announce that we have placed each of our puppies from this litter. We will be following each of the seven as they develop. We are looking forward to having many of these beauties shown in both Canada and in the US.


Are You Ready For a Bullmastiff?

Pup 2Owning any puppy is a huge commitment.  However, when you are thinking about owning a bullmastiff there are a few additional things that you should consider.  Size, cost, training, socialization, and space are often limiting factors for potential bullmastiff owners.

The average adult weight of a bullmastiff is 110-130 lbs for a male and 90-110 lbs for a female.  Their body mass is primarily made up of muscle.  This means that they are a very powerful dog.  They also can be very stubborn.  So if you are not ready to deal with a situation where you may need to be assertive with your pet, this strong willed canine will take advantage every time.  Bullmastiffs are not a dog for the novice or wishy washy owner.

If you think that the price you pay for your Bullmastiff is outlandish, then this breed is not for you.  The maintenance costs of your dog will be exceedingly more than the initial bill.  Bullmastiffs can eat anywhere between $50.00- $100.00 dollars in food per month.  Remember this is a large breed dog so everything that you will purchase, leashes, collars, food bowls, and medication, is larger and therefore more expensive. The initial investment is minuscule compared to the lifelong expenses that a bullmastiff may incur.

Pup 1

Still Interested?

You have read the previous information, and you are still interested in making a bullmastiff part of your family. You can contact us at 519.972.1904 or e-mail us at stonehill@cogeco.ca We can arrange for a brief interview because we believe that is it very important that you understand our philosophy about the breed and we know how you plan to make one of our puppies a part of your family.